3.6: Exploring Our Options


Hello and welcome back to Heroes and Villains!  Last week, the family was devastated by the death of their iguana, Ghirahim joined Zelda and Ganon in teenagerhood, Brennan clung to his unnaturally long life, and Zelda called up some friends/cousins for a slumber party just before prom.

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Merry Christmas to All!

Hey everyone!  The holidays have been super busy for me, not surprisingly, and I haven’t had a chance to play enough for an update.  We should be back to our regularly scheduled legacy next week.  In the meantime, I hope everyone has a fantastic holiday season!

❤ Styx

3.4: Time Out


It’s HV time again!  This update almost didn’t happen today, since I unwittingly patched my game and then realized Twallan’s outdated mods would crash it every time.  Luckily, the man is dedicated, and even though he was on vacation, he got all his mods updated for the new patch!  So here we are. 

Last time, Ghirahim Villain and Link Hero were born, and Ghirahim assured his place as the next Villain heir by coming out as an Evil Genius.  Let’s see where things go from here…

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Okay, I did something dumb.  I started up my launcher to install a new sims 3 pack, and when it asked if I wanted to update my game….I clicked yes.  I know!  How stupid can I be?!  So now, Twallan’s beautiful mods that make my game possible with overstuffed households are crashing my game until they’re updated.  That means both ABC and HV are on hold, because I can’t actually load their saves.  So yeah, my bad. :/  I guess I’ll be taking a forced hiatus over the holidays.  Sorry everyone!