1.2: Giggles and Wiggles


Do-over time!  So yeah, game crashed, some stuff I showed you last time didn’t really happen.  Turns out, as I started up the game again, Rogue had just been born, so I guess we only lost a couple days.  Whew.


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0.1: Obligatory Introduction

Hello, and welcome to Legacy Island, and my new challenge!  This will be a 10-generation legacy with a few extra rules, but we’ll get to those later.  First, let’s meet our founder!


This is Ariel Hero.  Say “hi” Ariel!

Ariel: “Hi, Ariel.”

Snarky, aren’t you. :/  I bet you think that was funny.

Ariel: “What do you mean?” *blank stare*

Well… Because…Nevermind.

ANYWAY, she’s a Shy Bookworm with No Sense of Humor (as we’ve already seen), who’s Insane and Easily Impressed.  Ariel will be–OMG, Ariel, what’s that behind you?!


Ariel: “Huh?  *looks*  Oh, that’s just my sister, Ursula.”

You two are related??


Ursula: “Got a problem with that?” *cracks knuckles*


Ariel: “Don’t listen to the Voice, Ursula.  She’s just a big meanie.”

Ok, so maybe you readers have guessed already, but this will be a dual legacy!  Ariel will be the founder of our Uglacy, and Ursula will begin our Prettacy.

And because it has to be done, let’s get this over with…


Oh God, my eyes!  It hurts, it hurts!

…Anyway, that’s Ursula’s profile.  She’s Insane, Flirty, Dramatic, Hot-Headed, and…Charismatic??

Ursula: “People love me.”

Ahem, yes well…traits were rolled randomly, as were lifetime wishes.  Ursula’s LTW is to be a gold digger. >.>

As I mentioned, I’m playing with a few extra rules.  One of those is “No Wish Left Behind,” (as seen in Meet the Derps).  That means, if the girls roll up a wish and they have an empty slot, I have to promise the wish and fulfill it as soon as possible…no matter how annoying it is.  I’m giving myself one exception to this rule, and that is wishes that have to do with traveling.  Because it breaks my game and is annoying.


I sent Ursula over to the business center to get a job right away, since that’s the first wish she rolled.

Ursula: “I’m a gold digger.  I want to earn money by inheriting the riches of my dead husband.  Why in the holy hell did I wish to get a job?”

A very good question.  But your wish is my command!


And Ariel heads to the hospital, because she has some weird desire to clean bed pans.  Not that that has anything to do with her LTW of becoming an Illustrious Author. :/

Ok, other little tidbits:  This story will be Heroes vs. Villains, and the kids will be named according to that theme (in case you didn’t pick up on it, the founders are named after the heroine and the villain from Disney’s The Little Mermaid).

All traits will be rolled randomly.  If the current heir rolls the want to have a baby, he or she will always be obliged (it’s a good thing I can overstuff my households!!).  There will be two heirs per generation; one for each branch of the legacy.  Any child of the Uglacy who rolls Good (since the Uglacy branch is the hero branch) will automatically be heir(ess).  Any child of the Prettacy who rolls Evil will automatically be heir(ess).  This can throw a wrench in things since we’re going for looks, here!

On the other hand, any Prettacy baby who rolls Good will be a black sheep, and I will be unable to control him/her in any way.  Same with the Uglacy and Evil.


It is also a rainbowcy!  Because, fun!  Each branch of the legacy (after the founding generation) will have a different color scheme befitting dashing heroes or dastardly villains.


Hey, look, two new townies!  Who might they be….


Here we have Brennan Skipton, from the Skipton ISBI.  He’s one of the hottest Sims in, like, the whole Sim universe!  Which, in this case, is unfortunate for him, because I has planzzz.  >.>


And this is aged-up Notzo Curious of Twinbrook origin.  I’m a little disappointed, actually.  He was so ugly as a kid!  He still has kind of a weird brow, which the hat hides, but other than that he’s…cute. D:  This might not do.


Before I could even send the girls over to introduce themselves, both boys took off.  I couldn’t follow both cars, so I tailed Brennan.  He ended up at the food center…as the food merchant.  Wow, SP, he was only in town for 3 seconds.  You are ON TOP OF IT.

Brennan: “Muhahaha, I’m Radioactive!”


Ursula: *looks him up and down* “Yes, yes you are.  Helloooo, hottie!”

Brennan: “I’d look in your eyes if I could find them.  I guess I’ll have to concentrate on your chest, instead.”

Ursula: “I understand.  My chest is very noticeable.”

Brennan: “I noticed.”


Look who rolled the wish for an easel!


Then she decided she wanted to learn logic for work, so I sent her to the library to study,


Ursula: *rolls wish to throw a party*

Really?  You live on a giant plot of undeveloped lawn.  How could that possibly go well?

Ursula: *rolls wish to have a great party*


She only knew Brennan and her boss, but she also invited Ariel’s boss.  They know 3 people combined. XD

Directly after setting up the party, she wanted to buy a buffet table, of course.


She couldn’t wait for the party to start before tucking into the turkey.  I bought a stereo and a dance floor in the hopes that the guests will have something interesting to do.  Other than, y’know, gawking at Ursula’s ugly.


Ursula: “Hey handsome, thanks for showing up!”

Brennan: “Anytime!  I feel inexplicably drawn to your….personality.”


So this guy, Enrique, showed up uninvited, but Ursula didn’t mind.  By this time, she had rolled wants to find out whether he was rich or not, whether Brennan was rich or not, and the same for the only other male she’s met: Ariel’s boss Josue Hackett, seen dancing with Mary Sue Pleasant (Ursula’s boss) in the background there..


Ariel arrived home from the library with the wish to buy a chess table, and it came in handy for building a relationship with her boss.  Promotions = money.  We like money!


Wait, wut?

How did that happen?

Ursula: “I am awesome, that’s how.”


Ah, nothing like sleeping in the great outdoors.  Feeling the wind in your hair, and the dew on your nose.


Ursula: “…and the crick in your back…ow.”


First day of work!  Make us some monies!

Ursula: “Find me a rich OLD husband!”

Sorry, this is a brand new town.  It’s got one elder. >.>  If you want to be a gold digger, honey, you’re going to have to do it the hard way.


Ariel’s off to her job an hour later.  Have fun cleaning those bed pans, Princess!


While they were gone, I gave them a bathroom.  The lot looks so big and empty still!  Ursula was happy enough to come home to it, though.  She was pretty tired, having not slept will in her sleeping bag the night before.


It doesn’t help that she doesn’t quite…er…FIT completely inside the sleeping bag…

Ursula, I’m really glad you don’t sleep naked.


That night, I sent Ariel over to meet Notzo.  What, you couldn’t tell from the picture?  Squint a little more.


Finally, he invited her inside.  Unfortunately, he wasn’t impressed with anything she said.

Notzo: “Are you serious?!  How boring!”

Ariel: “But all I said was that you have a nice house!”


No matter what she did, their relationship just kept plummeting into the red, along with her energy bar.  Finally, exhausted from the effort of failing to make friends with Notzo, she passed out on his floor.  Poor thing.


Next day brings our very first promotion!  Great job, Ursula!  Now, if I send you to Brennan’s house will you discover he’s not rich and get that wish out of your queue?


Ursula: “Nope, cuz he’s not here lol.”

Just make yourself at home and wait for him then.

Ursula: “Can do.” *plays in sprinkler*


Aww, she’s almost cute when she’s laughing!

..No?  XD


Meanwhile, across town, Ariel was meeting her destiny…

Ariel: “Eric, is that you?”

Walter: “Uh, no.  I’m Walter.”


Walter: “Walter Grisby, pleased to meet you!”

Yes….that nose….we wants it!


Well, I’d say this is going much better than her meeting with Notzo!

That’s it for this time.  Next time:  Promotions, flirting, dating…babies?!  We’ll just have to see…