4.1: Where No One Has Gone Before


Welcome back to Heroes and Villains!  This will be a pretty long update, because I played all day Monday. XD  Last time, there were birthdays, and Zelda got knocked up, and Ghirahim tried to woo his boy Dakota.



…and awkward.  Link, aren’t you a little old to be sleeping with your mother?  o.O


He’ll have to grow up quickly, because today is graduation day, and now that his portrait is finished (thanks, Sofia), he and Ganon will be moving out.


Hey, G, which award do you think you’re going to get?

Ghirahim: “Biggest badass.”

Link: “Psh, biggest ass, maybe.”

Ghirahim: “Shut up, you little twerp!”

Now now, boys.


As usual, it took them hours just to get into the building because of the crowd.

…Who brings their horse to graduation?!  Get out of there, horse.  You can’t fit in the stadium seating.  -.-


Irina: “Look, Dad, I got valedictorian!”

Emanuel: “BOOO!  I thought I raised you better than that!”

Way to be a good dad, Manny.

Emanuel: “I still can’t get over the fact that she’s dating my wife’s cousin.”

Okay, can’t blame you there.


Anyway, they both graduated…not very highly. XD  Haha, Ghirahim got most likely to motive fail, and Link got class clown.  Nice.


Just as graduation was happening, Celeste decided to give birth outside in the dark. -.-

My cats and dogs ALWAYS seem to have 2 spawn, who both have the exact same markings, with different fur types being the only way to differentiate between them.


This fact is beginning to annoy me, so I cheated and instant spawned a third kitten. XD  Look, she’s actually a mix of her parents.  amazing.


Ahem.  So here are Andromeda (the only female), Aquila and Auriga.  The two males look almost exactly like their father, Draco.


After the kittens were born, it was time for Ganon and Link to move out.  I had them take all the cats except the new kitty heiress, and Celeste (because for some reason the game thought she was still pregnant and refused to move her).

This definitely helped my lag a bunch.  8 kitties was just a little much…


At least Voodoo comes to visit sometimes. Smile


Speaking of visitors, Ghirahim is still working on Dakota.  He came over and then left again right away. :/




This is what Raven does when I leave her on free will. XD  My sim-god must leave me on free will a lot…


Aw, yay, love for Link!


Zelda is ready for the baby to arrive.  I remember that feeling well.


In the meantime, though, she’s been upgrading household appliances per her wishes.


When the time finally came, Zelda’s mother was no help at all. XD


Eventually, we welcomed baby Deanna Hero into the legacy family!  Someone begged me to continue with the generational colors, so I will, but maybe a little less strictly.  I had them as a particular hex number, but now I’m just going to eyeball it, and their clothes can be other colors in addition if I so choose.  Good compromise?  Okay.


Yes, so generation four shall be a Star Trek generation.  Ah, back to my childhood. ❤  Here is Deanna’s namesake, Deanna Troi–half-Betazoid ship’s counselor from The Next Generation.


Cuteness.  Baby swings are definitely my favorite new store item.


Brennan (131 days old): “Push yourself you weenie!”

Ghirahim: “But great-grandpa, I can’t concentrate when Deanna’s screaming!”

It’s not my fault someone decided to set her swing on fast speed.  I have to watch everyone like a hawk, or they’ll all be running in there to get her swinging as if she was on some kind of rollercoaster. -.-


Yep, doesn’t get old.


Speaking of old.  D: 


Sofia: “Aw, dammit, I thought for sure I’d at least survive longer than my husband’s grandfather.”


Raven and Brennan: “Noooooo!”

Ghirahim: “Aw, suckage.  Excuse me, I feel the need for a sandwich.”

Damn Evil sims.  Wait, Brennan’s Evil too.

Brennan: “She was gonna make me pancakes for breakfast, and now she’s gooooone.”



Belloq was not too happy when he returned from yet another a lost game only to find his wife was gone.  Poor guy. 

Oh, you might have noticed I’ve been redecorating a little bit.  The whole house is no longer going to be color-coordinated, just bedrooms.  I want to do a whole remodel soon, if I get some extra time.


Zelda: “Hey Domingo.  So, um, this is Deanna.  She’s your daughter.”

Dom: “No way!  Awesome.”

Zelda: “He took that well.”

Maybe it’s still sinking in.


Anyway, it was birthday time for Anna that night, so Dom and Dakota were both invited.  Dakota stood around outside all night. :/


She definitely has some good uglacy features going for her.  She inherited Dom’s tiny ears, and got some cool orange eyes that match her generation’s color (which is orange, since I haven’t come out and said it XD).


Zelda: “So, Dom, I have this wish locked in to get married.  What do you think?  We’re parents together, and I love you and stuff.”

Raven: “Zelda dear, you’re tempting fate.  We haven’t had a successful marriage on our side of the family for the last three generations!”

Zelda: “Well, Mom, I’m going to break that curse.”

More power to ya, honey!


Another Voodoo sighting!  She’s so cute, floating around like that.


Raven: “Don’t listen to your mother, Deanna.  Getting married is bad luck!  That’s why I never bothered with it.”

Quit filling her head with your doom and gloom!


Brennan: “Aw, that’s all that’s going on in here?  I thought you two were finally going at it.  Fine.  Nothing to see I guess.  I’ll just go to bed.”

He walked in, took one look at these two, turned around and walked back out…lol.


Zelda: “Despite what my mother says, I think you and I have a shot at a great life together.  Dom, will you share it with me as my husband?”


Dom: “Hells yeah, bb.”

Aw, romantic.  And then they had a private wedding.  *nods*


OMG, finally!  Of course, he rushed off before Ghirahim could actually ask him to go steady.


I sent Dom down to the cemetery to grab Mystique’s grave and Galaxy’s.  I plan to have all the ghosts on the lot, if I can!


Since he was there, I had him explore the catacombs.  He brought us back some silver, and then got mauled by a bear.  XD


Brennan: “The pain!  It hurts!”

OMG, heart attack?!  D:

Brennan: “If Sofia had only lived one more day, I could have gotten some free pancakes.”



Andromeda: “Your days are numbered, mouse.  You just wait until I’m old enough.  You’re going down.”


Way to help out, Bell! ❤


/Toddler spam.


Zelda seemed to be the most affected by Sofia’s death (other than Brennan, haha), so I devised a plan to cheer her up.


She’d rolled the wish to visit China, and I know I exempted myself from fulfilling travel wishes, but it’s been a really long time since I’ve used that aspect of the game.  Thought it might be a fun change.


Since I find a lot of travel description boring, I’ll kind of just highlight their activities.


There was lots of biking through gorgeous scenery…


Some skilling…


Martial arts training…


More than a few booty calls…


Experiencing the local cuisine and shopping (Zelda purchased ALL the available books…over $30,000 worth!)…


And, of course, a bit of tomb exploration.


Zelda: “I’m actually married to this awesome creature!”


Zelda: “Hmm…it says to follow my heart…and buy lots of souvenirs.”

Fortune cookies are magic.  You’d better listen.


Just before their return flight home, they tested out their new skills.


…and insisted that the fountain pools were for skinny dipping.  Ooooh, naughty naughty!

Anyway, it was a good trip, and so far I haven’t had any glitches as a result (*knock on wood*).


Back home, Epona compliments Raven on her tasty hair.


And I built a playground! 


I stuck the garden in there, too, because Epona kept trying to eat the plants.  I locked her out.  Muhaha.

Oh and also:  Cowplant.  Open-mouthed smile


Zelda: “I guess I didn’t have to worry about Deanna while I was away.”

Not with Brennan around!  He loves babies.


Feeding time for Magellan!  Yes, I named the cowplant Magellan.


While she was using the bathroom to empty her stomach of its last meal, Zelda realized the tub was broken, and figured she might as well take care of it while she was in there.

Hmm, nausea and plumbing.  Where have I seen that before?  Ghirahim better hurry up and bag his man and catch up to Zelda’s baby count. XD


Okay, so!  Long update for once.  Hope you all enjoyed!  Not sure when the next one will be out, but it will be sometime in the near future.  Thanks for reading!


15 thoughts on “4.1: Where No One Has Gone Before

  1. Glad to see that Brennan is still here 🙂
    Awww, Kitties!
    Deanna sure is a cutie.
    I’m glad Zelda had fun in China and brought home a “souvenir”
    Also, glad to see that your game let you travel.

    I’m glad you had time to play and do an update. Hope the new job is going well 🙂

    (I am officially banning myself from using the word glad for at least a week!)

  2. WTF? Sofia was still a young adult when Brennan was an elder!!!! How did she die first?!?!!

    I can’t believe he’s still around!

    Dakota is a hottie, though. Dang…

    This chapter was funny! I’m glad you were able to update! 🙂

  3. Yay for an update! Deanna is so cute…I’m curious to see what childhood will do to her looks. Well at least Dakota broke up with his girlfriend…now let’s just hope he doesn’t get another one before Ghirahim get in a relationship!! Love the kitties!!

  4. My two favourite lines:
    “Zelda dear, you’re tempting fate. We haven’t had a successful marriage on our side of the family for the last three generations!”
    AND… the winner!
    “Nothing to see I guess. I’ll just go to bed.”
    So much fun! 🙂

  5. Awww Styx I envy you- why is everything so cool in your games??? My pets aren’t working cos of my crappy graphics cards, and I’m waiting to get a new one… I WANT CUTE FLUFFY PETS TOO!!!
    Anyway, loved the chapter… Can’t wait unilateral the next one, and the ABC ISBI.

  6. Great to see an update. 🙂

    Can’t believe Brennan’s still going yet Sofia left us.

    Here’s hoping Ghirahim gets his man before Zelda gets too far ahead of him in the baby stakes. As soon as I saw the name Deanna though I guessed it was going to be a Star Trek gen. She’s adorable.

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