3.8: The Beginning of the End


Hey, guys, sorry it’s been so long since my last update!  I did finally figure out CC Magic, and it’s helped my game lag immensely.  I’ve been going through some real life stress and frustration that has made updating on a regular schedule difficult for me.  Hopefully I’ll be back in the swing of things soon.

Last time on HV, Ganon and Zelda became young adults, Brennan tenaciously clung to life even though he’s ancient, and I promised Ghirahim a horse when he ages up.  Let’s see what’s in store for us this week!


Oops, looks like we lost some CC during the process.  Sorry to interrupt your chess game, boys.  You should just be thankful that the rest of your existence is mostly intact.


At 124, I figured it was time to let Brennan retire.

Brennan: “Like a boss.”

I let Sofia retire as well.  She’s 100 now!


Ganon: “Yay, great-gramps!  You go, man!”

Raven: “Now you can spend all your new free time proving the existence of Bigfoot!”

I will never understand the yeti/retirement correlation.


All the cats were lonely when I opened the save, so I set Ghirahim on rounds to make them all happy.  I hate how quickly their social need drops!


Speaking of Ghirahim, I just don’t think he and Mayra are meant to be.  In addition to this guy, she’s also getting it on with Rogue’s son, Anwar.  Time to start the search anew…or hope that foxy Dakota Fox makes himself available. Winking smile


Link, why are you looking at Voodoo all pouty like that?  Wait, why can’t I click on her!?  D:


Everyone gathered around to watch the moment I’ve been dreading since I bought this expansion: my first pet death.


Everyone bawled…including me.  We’ll miss you, Voodoo!


In an effort to distract Ghirahim, and myself, I had him invite Dakota over.  He was tired when he got here, so I tried to have Ghirahim cure him with the moodlet manager.  It backfired.  And then Brennan decided it would be fun to slap the guy in the face.  Poor Dakota.  ><


Luckily, we managed to convince him to stick around long enough to get some relationship-building in.


Unfortunately, Zelda doesn’t get so lucky with her intended spouse.  Sigh.


The cats are having a lot of trouble adjusting to their loss.  Sad smile  It’s horrible.


As always, though, life must continue for the living, and the next day is Ghirahim’s birthday!


He has Bookworm locked in, which makes him an Evil Genius Loser who loves to read and loves horses. Oh, and he wants to be Emperor of Evil. I kind of love him.


I had a lot of fun with his look. XD  I also made an executive decision.  I am no longer going to be doing specific colors per generation.  I decided that when I do a rainbowcy (and I do have plans for one), I want to be naming the kids for the colors and everything.  I have enough going on with this family that I don’t think they need specific colors added in.


Link has a few days left until YA-hood, and then we’ll be getting his portrait done and kicking him and Ganon out into their own place to make room for the next generation!


Yikes.  Looks like Galaxy’s a little bit…crazy with grief. O.O  *backs away slowly*  He even has the non-destructive trait!


Hmm…It’s been at least a day since I started playing, and Brennan’s age is still listed at 124.  He might be bugged.  I’ll have to keep an eye on that.


Raven was leveling up super slowly at her job because I hadn’t bothered making her learn fishing, so I finally got around to putting a pond on the lot.  Hopefully we can get this train a’movin’!


Hey look, it’s Dakota again!  Woo, Ghirahim, woo!


The next day I saw that Dakota and his girlfriend weren’t doing so well… I wonder how often she gives him flowers. Winking smile 


As for Zelda, she’s been so busy with work, and with skilling for work, that she’s hardly had time to think about a love life.  I’m hoping that gives Domingo time to break up with his current girl.


Ah, yes, well…I did make a promise, didn’t I?


Everyone, meet Epona!  I figured there’s no better name for a horse for the Zelda generation. XD  xkalyanicolex also thought it would be a great idea, so cheers!


Looks like they’re gonna get along great!

And now for something completely disturbing…




And just exactly what are you up to, missy?



I’ll just…leave you to it then.  I really need to find her a spouse…or at least a good time.


To that end, I went ahead and had her invite Domingo over.  We still haven’t found anyone in town with genetics iffy enough to be a good candidate for the uglacy spouse.


Sure, he’s still got a partner, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get what we want out of him. Winking smile 

Raven: “Yeah, but did it have to be in my bed?!”

Well, until Ganon moves out, Zelda still shares a bunk bed with him, so….yeah, it kinda did.


Domingo was pretty proud of himself as he strutted home, but I’m not sure Uncle Belloq was so pleased about the situation.

Brennan, on the other hand…

Brennan: “Woo!  You go, young people!  Put the pig in that pancake!  Stuff the sausage in that biscuit–“

Belloq: “GRANDPA!  That will be quite enough!”

Incidentally, Brennan’s 126 now, so I guess it is still counting. 


Zelda: “Would you both just leave the room?  Please?!”

Poor Zelda.  XD


Things are going well for our other heir, as well.  He’s finally made it to the point where Kota will accept flirts, even though he’s in a relationship with another woman…whom he doesn’t get along with.


Like Zelda, Ghirahim has also been working on skills for his job.  Right now, he needs athletic the most.


Ah yes, and since Voodoo has left us, I figured it probably won’t be long before Galaxy joins her.  Thus, kittens incoming!


It was on Link’s birthday that I realized just how bad his grades were. ><  But look, he did his homework all by himself!  Maybe he’ll bring it up just a bit on his last day of school.


Epona: “Don’t you wanna go for a ride, Ghirahim?  I wanna go for a ride!”

Ghirahim: “Sure thing, just let me finish this game real quick.”


Wasn’t long before Link was home from school and ready to become a full-fledged member of simciety!


He managed to go from an F to a D, but still got the Inappropriate trait for his trouble.  He adds that to Neurotic, Disciplined, Family-Oriented, and Good Sense of Humor.  He’s had the LTW to become a Creature-Robot Crossbreeder locked in for quite a while, same as his mother and sister.


Too bad he’s so good looking.  I’ll miss him and Ganon both, but I’ll make sure to get them up on the downloads page ASAP!

That’s all I’ve got for you right now, except for this:


Looks like the next chapter will be the first of generation FOUR! Smile


38 thoughts on “3.8: The Beginning of the End

  1. Yay a baby! 😀 I can’t wait to see what this little guy, or girl, is going to look like!! Awww Link, I lushed him ❤ I'm sad he's leaving. Oh welll 😦 And Voodoo!!! D: Awww ❤ She will be missed.

    Great chapter! ^_^

    – Jax

  2. Link looks a tad like Reaver – THOSE EARS!!! I really like him, he’s pretty hot looking.

    Poor Voodoo. I have yet to have a pet, much less a pet death. Sorry you had to go through that already.

    And OMG I cracked up at “Brennan: “Woo! You go, young people! Put the pig in that pancake! Stuff the sausage in that biscuit–“” OH MY. . . Just WoW Cait. My sides hurt. That was just AWESOME and so dirty, but so so funny. Love it!!!

    • He does a little, yeah. He’s really good-looking!

      I put it off as long as I could by switching saves often, but it was finally Voodoo’s time. 😦

      LOL, it seemed like a Brennan thing to say…he gets more out there with each passing sim day!

  3. VOODOO D:

    That made me have a sad 😦 And Link is gorgeous but of course you know that 🙂 Can’t wait to see what Generation 4 has in store for us 😀

  4. Wow, that was awesome! I’m terribly sad about Voodoo passing, but Brennan’s excitement after Zelda’s woohoo brought my spirits back up again!

    I’ve decided to NOT go ahead with the kitty legacy in my game, so I’m especially excited to see what you get from Celeste! …Oh, and Zelda’s baby, too. 😛

  5. Brennan always makes me laugh, with his stubborn way of clinging onto life, and cheering his great-niece on after Woo Hoo! Will be wierd when/if he passes on 😦

    Can’t wait to see if Ghirahim and Dakota get together! Could look at Dakota all the time. I’m thinking of aging him up in my game now 😉

    Poor Voodoo. At least Grim is nice to the pets when he collects them …

    • I love Brennan! I will be super sad when/if he goes.

      Dakota and Ghirahim are on the right track…I love Dakota. I think he’s got really cool features.

      Yeah, it seems Grim has a soft spot for the furry ones. 🙂

  6. The poor kitties. I hate that the game ignores the pets when it comes to zapping them with the moodlet manager.

    Poor Voodoo, but Yay for the ongoing Brennan and his new sausage fetish. LOL’d surprisingly loudly…good thing it is time for the kid to get ready for school.

    Can’t wait to see the baby and (I hope) even more disintegration between Dakota and the evil girlfriend so that Ghirahim can swoop in and nab him.

    • I know, pets and kids, I wish I could cure them!

      Hahaha, Brennan cracks me up. Both he and Belloq barged in there just as Zelda and Domingo finished up, and Brennan just started cheering and fist pumping…lol. Belloq at least had the grace to look embarrassed.

      Yay, baby! And yes, I’m counting on Dakota to realize Ruth is not the one for him. 😉

  7. Lolololol. I love Brennan. XD XD He made me giggle a lot. XD And I lol’d at the random cyberwoohoo, hahaha.

    Voodoo! ;A; Noooooooooo. I haven’t seen a pet death yet. Gosh, it’s so sweet and sad. ;A;



    I'm glad you got cc magic working. Hope you're feeling all right, Cait. ❤ Much love.

    • I love Brennan too! I will be super sad when he finally dies…if that ever happens.

      It’s really sad! I cried. I knew pet death would be harder for me to handle than sim death, hands down.

      Ghirahim is well on his way! And yes, my game runs SO much better now. Thank, Emy. <333

    glad cc magic worked out for you 😉
    loved the chapter, and post when-ever you want! don’t feel stressed or presussed x

  9. So sad about Voodoo but how nice that Grimmie give kittie cuddles. 🙂

    Yay for Brennan still going strong at 126. Can’t wait to see Gen 4 and I hope that Ghirahim gets his man!

  10. I LOL’d at the Brennan cheers after Zelda’s encounter with Domingo. What a hoot…I will miss him when he’s gone, however I’m pretty sure he’s going to live forever. Poor kitties…all of their reds/oranges made me sad. Voodoo will be missed…I haven’t yet seen a pet death in game either. So sad 😦 Zelda just continues to get less attractive, it seems. I can’t wait to see what her baby looks like! Great update! I hope the real-life stress straightens out soon {{hugs}}

    • It’s looking unlikely that he will ever die…lol. I wonder about Sofia, too! She’s getting up there, now.

      Poor kitties. 😦

      LOL yeah, Zelda has her moments where she looks okay, but at most angles she’s definitely an awesome uglacy heiress. XD I hope the baby is another step down, and not cuter than mom.

  11. Gotta love those dirty sausage comments. I tried to put Zelda in my game but when I open her in CAS and make a household in CAS with her my game crashes. It could be because I don’t have all the EPs. Kota is really pretty I like him.

  12. After a pet dies, the only way to raise their mood is to have them mourn. It really annoys me that the moodlet manager can’t be used on them. :/

  13. Pet deaths are so sad 😦 I will miss Voodoo! 😦

    On the upside, Brennan is so funny!!!! “Woo! You go, young people! Put the pig in that pancake! Stuff the sausage in that biscuit–“ Bahahaha! I laughed so hard at that!!! Ah, inappropriate jokes… they’re just so funny xD

  14. I looveee your legacy! I’ll be so sad when Brennan finally dies, he’s been my favourite character so far he’s awesome!
    is it weird that even though Zelda is the uglacy heiress..and a good one at that.. I adore what she looks like? :p I want her!! 😀
    my game doesn’t update me on the developments of potential spouses or legacy spares i’ve moved out.. is that a mod you’ve downloaded or is my game just glitchy? 😛

    Looking forward to the next update!! Hopefully it will be out soon 🙂

  15. I think the relation to yetis with retiring is referring to bosses because sims use the yeti picture during insults sometimes and bosses have a stereotype to be terrible and mean like yetis in sims…that’s my theory lol

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