CC Magic

Hey all!  Just a note to say there will be no update today.  My game has been agonizingly slow lately (took almost 2 hours just to open the HV save file, for instance).  I have concluded this is probably due to the fact that I have over 3500 package files, and even more sims3packs…Yeah.  So anyway, I’m spending the next few days organizing everything with the new CC Magic mod.  Thing is amazing!  But with this much CC, it’s gonna take me a while.  🙂  Hopefully it’ll make my game run super speedy, though, so it’s not so painful to play!  Should have an update for you on time next Saturday, if all goes well.   See you then!


17 thoughts on “CC Magic

  1. CC Magic really helped my game load and run faster and smoother!
    Typing that made me feel like I was some sort of “real customer” on an infomercial…

    It occurs to me that I don’t comment on your story as often as I should (read: ever?) I loves it muchly, as well as ABCISBI and Crossing Bridges, which I just caught up on the other day. You’re a fantastic writer.

  2. I recently started using this to organize(but mostly combine) my CC. It did confuse me at first, but then I just read the manual and reported back to it for help as much as I needed to. But it’s been working great so far, and it’s really easy to find certain files to remove or replace now. Good luck!

  3. Hi, I don’t think i’ve ever commented before because I only just caught up! xD

    Seriously, 3500 package files? O-O I have about 20, I try and keep it to the bare minimum, my game’s glitchy/crashy enough without a tonne of CC dragging it down. 😛 I’m so devo, I was really looking forward to the next update!

  4. That’s quite a collection you have there xD Boy, I think I have a thousand or so and *I* have lag issues xD My game only takes 15 minutes to open, though… (discounting the 5 minutes for the launcher to come up, because now I skip the launcher when starting)

    Hopefully this will help you! I have bookmarked it for a time other than bedtime on a Sunday, but I could reeeeally use something like this! I’m excited to see if it will help me! I hope it does the same for you! *crosses fingers*

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