3.7: Love Matters


Welcome back!  Last time, the teens all went to prom, and then SP just had to snatch up the two most interesting townies and stick them into relationships with other people in town.  Brennan was clinging to life at somewhere around 115 days old, and a new kitty, Celeste, joined the family.


Ghirahim: “Today’s my day, I just know it!  I’m gonna ask Mayra to be my girlfriend.”

Link: “Doesn’t she already have a boyfriend?”

Ghirahim: “Silence, you!”


Walter is definitely the most active of the ghosts.  He really likes the cats.


Later, Ghirahim managed to get Mayra to come over.  That’s when I noticed something…interesting.


WHAT?!  WHAT, GAME?!  Mayra is in no way Ghirahim’s aunt


Then I realized, it’s because Ghirahim’s uncle Donovan is her boyfriend.  Apparently, that’s enough for the game to decide she’s blood related to Ghirahim.  -.-  She left soon after she arrived, and barely gave Ghirahim the time of day.  I’m thinking she just might not be “the one.”


Zelda did decidedly better with her date.

Cassie: “Humans are disgusting.”


Sofia: “We’re just two old biddies, aren’t we Voodoo?”

Sofia’s sitting at 93 days old.  At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if she goes before Brennan does.


Zelda got an opportunity to write some articles for the newspaper group at school that she’s part of, and got a framed paper to hang on her awards wall. Smile


At the same time, Ganon scored a signed jersey during an opportunity for the sports club.



Happy days are here again!


Remember Domingo’s little sister who was creepin’ on him and Zelda?  Well, she’s all grown up now, and even though she and Link are barely acquaintances, he rolled the wish to become her BFF!  lol


They’re pretty cute together.  ^^  I find that secret funny, since sims can’t even get braces unless you download CC. 


Ganon and Zelda got participation trophies for their clubs.


And Bell finally got a promotion!  That makes…level 6.  -.-  He and Raven are so slow.


Now, since Ghirahim’s intended girlfriend has kind of fallen short…well, I’m looking at other options.  This guy’s hair catches my fancy.  I’m not sure why there’s so much cool hair color floating around Appaloosa Plains, but I’m not complaining!

Anyway, this is Dakota Fox, and I kind of love him.  I picture him with a Spanish accent and everything. ❤  According to master controller, Ghirahim is not gay.  But we all know how flexible sims can be, and we can’t be picky…we have a prettacy to run! Winking smile


Dakota: “I sense a presence behind me.”

Get used to that, buddy.  XD


Dakota: “What am I even doing here?”

Sofia: “I have a feeling it’s intended for you to make friends with my son, so that when he is older you two can make sweet lovins and give me pretty grandbabies.”

Dakota: “Lady, that is all kinds of wrong.”


Dakota: “Y’know, brah, at this point I’d much rather show lovin’ attention to your aunt over there than to you.”

Zelda: “Hey, that’s my mother you’re talking about!”

Link: “Interesting…my date has no feet.”


Galaxy: “What’s the buzz, old buddy?”

Brennan: “Y’know…same ol’, same ol’.  We’re not quite as fresh as a spring daisy anymore, are we, Galaxy?”

Brennan watch: 120 days old!


Link decided he had to be the hero and fix the dishwasher….that didn’t turn out so well.


Level 6.  *slow clap*


Raven’s currently in a mid-life crisis (2 days left), and this is the only related wish I’ve managed to fulfill–a car worth more than $10,000.  All her wish spots are filled up with “befriend this cat” desires. 


Iiiiiiit’s party time!  Ganon and Zelda are hitting the big YA and I invited Mayra and Dakota, among others, so we could see who Ghirahim has the most chemistry with. XD  Belloq wanted to throw a formal party, so everyone’s dressed in their best.



Domingo: “You look beautiful this evening, Zelda.”

Zelda: “Does this mean you’ve broken up with my cousin Irina?”

Domingo: “lolno.”

Of course not.


Zelda: “Well, maybe you should forget about her and be with me instead.”

Domingo: “I’ll think about it.”


We gave up on Domingo and decided to go ahead with the birthdays as it was getting late.


Nice, Ganon!  Very handsome.  His final trait set:  Loves the Outdoors, Loser, Natural Cook, Childish, No Sense of Humor.  His LTW is the same as Belloq’s and Emanuel’s–to be a sports superstar.  He kind of sounds like one of those really buff self-centered jocks. Smile with tongue out


Presenting our heiress for the uglacy!  Her traits: Ambitious, Brave, Computer Whiz, Natural Cook, and Light Sleeper.  Her LTW is also the same as her mother’s, which is to get to level 9 of the science career.  I think she’ll make a great heiress.


And just as the party ended, I got this popup!  Ghirahim, your girl is no longer your aunt!

Ghirahim: “Thank the gods, now I won’t have to date a guy!”

We’ll see…it depends on if you manage to snatch her up before someone else does.


Ganon and Zelda procured their respective jobs right away, and I had Sofia begin their portraits as well.  Link will serve as the next portrait painter, but his skill is still too low right now, and I have no idea how much longer Sofia will be around.  She’s at 96 days, but if Brennan is any indication, that might not mean anything.


As an Equestrian, when Dakota’s mom, Cheyenne Fox, called and said their horse had a foal they’d like to give up for adoption, Ghirahim naturally had to come check it out.  The foal’s name was Dany, and he loved it right away.  However, the neighborhood pet adoption wasn’t working, and he was unable to bring Dany home.


To make matters worse, when he got home and tried to use the bathroom, Ariel’s ghost walked in on him.

Ghirahim: “Great-Aunt Ariel, WTH?!”

Ariel: “Oh, sorry dear, I get a little senile when I’m tired.”

He’s just not having the best night.  That’s why I promised him we’d adopt a horse for his YA birthday.  I must be crazy.


Hey, awesome!  Guess both our spouse problems took care of themselves!


Well, hullo!  You sure can jump high, Mr. Deer.


Ganon: “Hey, little bro, get movin’!  Aren’t you coming to my graduation?”

Ghirahim: “Apparently, I’m required to.”


Then everybody piled into Raven’s car, and when they got out, the boys all turned their heads to look at me like this.  K, you guys know that’s really creepy, right?



Evidently, the whole town showed up for the event.  Which means everyone was stuck outside for a good long while, and then someone went into labor…and it was just a big ol’ mess.


Eventually, though, we got ‘er done.  Bahaha @ Ganon’s “most likely to motive fail.”  Nice.


Ghirahim: “So nice to see you again, Mayra.  You have no idea how awesome it is that you’re no longer considered my aunt.”


Mayra: “So I take it you’re happy about my breakup with Donovan?”

Ghirahim: “…This is a trick question, isn’t it?”

Tread lightly.  Winking smile


Ganon’s athleticism has him wishing to train people, and Sofia happens to need athletic skill for work so…win/win.

Ganon: “C’mon Mom, push yourself!”

Sofia: “Whatever you say dear.”

LOL, I love how she’s just kind of zoning out and ignoring him.


These two are primed and ready to make kittens, whenever the time comes.  They’re so cute!


Ghirahim: “..and you’re eyes are clear like twin pools of water.”

Mayra: “Um, thanks, but…your cousin is being creepy.”

Ghirahim: “Dammit Link, are you standing right behind me again?”

Link: *creepy stare*

He must have really freaked her out, because she took off right after that, just before Ghirahim could ask her to go steady.  *sigh*


I guess there’s no hurry.  Besides, that gave Ghirahim some free time to spend with his great-grandpa, who told him all about his best performances at the theater.

Brennan watch: 124 days, and officially the longest-lived sim I’ve ever had in game.

Next time: Ghirahim’s birthday!  Also, maybe some death?  I’m beginning to think my game is bugged, or Grim’s on vacation.  Thanks for reading!


33 thoughts on “3.7: Love Matters

  1. I recently had my Epic Challenge founder live to be 124 and I have the lifespan set at 96. The only good thing was that because she stayed alive so long, I ended up getting my allowed rooms up to 8.

      • Yes, she died on her own at 124. There is no way I could have killed her, even if she had lived to the end of the challenge. I tend to get quite attached to founders since I usually spend quite a bit of time making them.

  2. Galaxy: “What’s the buzz, old buddy?”

    Brennan: “Y’know…same ol’, same ol’. We’re not quite as fresh as a spring daisy anymore, are we, Galaxy?” <<This. This whole thing had me cracking up. I love when the speech/thought bubbles present themselves perfectly like that!

    Wow, I can't believe Brennan is still hanging about! Grape's 105 in my game, with lifespan set at 100, so I guess we'll see how that goes!

    I love Zelda and Ganon, this gen is going to be amazing!

    • Hehe I love it when I can actually use the thought bubbles! That one just shouted at me.

      I know…Brennan just refuses to die! And it only makes me love him more. 😉

      Ganon won’t be heir this gen, because Ghirahim rolled Evil, so that’s an auto-win for him, but I think Ghirahim and Zelda will make awesome heirs!

  3. Omg, Brennan. He’s getting me worried! Every time I start to read one of these chapters I’ll start thinking, WHAT IF BRENNAN DIES THIS CHAPTER?! And then he doesn’t. 🙂

    Hooray for Mayra! She’s gorgeous!

    Eh Domingo seems like a douche, but he’s weird enough looking! Maybe he’ll turn out alright.

    My longest lived sim was 130 days old on a 90 day lifespan. Her name was Bell Blossom…

    Lol, what is up with that head thing? They all just turned to look at you? That picture almost made me shudder!

    Hilarious chapter, as always!

    • It’s the same for me every time I start playing for the next week’s update! I think to myself, will this be the week?? :O So far, so good, but unless he’s really glitched, it can’t last forever.

      I think Mayra is pretty in a very unique way. I love her hair color and her lips. Her small nose and the shape of her cheeks bothers me a bit, but I’m very curious to see how hers and Ghirahim’s babies would turn out.

      Haha, Domingo is…interesting. I keep calling him Domino in my head. He’s definitely got some iffy facial features that I think would lend themselves well to the uglacy, and of course I love his hair color.

      Wow, 130! Brennan’s getting close…

      Yes! They all just randomly swiveled their heads to look at me. I stared at my screen with my mouth open…lol.

      Glad you enjoyed!


    …Oh I just totally failed right there. ;_;
    Thanks for this chapter, it made me laugh, even though I’m going through a very very rough time. ❤

  5. DAKOTA!!!! Bay used to watch him, when he was a toddler and kid!! Does he have a million siblings in your game, too? Seriously, his parents were BUSY in mine. Love this chapter, and I’m sort of wondering if Grim is on a vacation, learning how to control his horse or something?

    • No, he only has one sibling in my game! That’s funny that there were a lot in yours. I think he’s so cute!

      And yeah, I’m wondering if my game is glitchy and Grim is broken or something…I guess we’ll see if Sofia starts outliving her years too.

    • I like Dakota better, myself, but I got a popup that he’s dating someone, and Mayra’s not anymore…so right now she’s the pick! We’ll see what happens.

      LOL, it was freaky! Glad you enjoyed!

  6. How great that the potential spouses became available for you. SP working in your favour for once! 🙂

    How creepy that all the guys turned to look at you like that and wow isn’t Ganon a big guy? 🙂

    • I know, right? Usually SP likes to meddle with my spouse choices, but this time the air cleared all on its own.

      Very creepy! I was looking at my computer like >.>

      Ganon is large! His muscles are huge and getting bigger the more he works out.

  7. Oh wow, Dakota Fox is looking fine! XD In my game he’s so seedy; ponytail and ripped up skinnyjeans, despite being an old man. Yet StoryProgression still married him to my simself! -.-

    Anyways, I loved this update! xD That akward moment when the girl you like suddenly becomes your Aunt. 😛

    • Yeah, I gave him a makeover, but I can’t remember what he looked like before I did that. I think he’s a hottie!

      Glad you enjoyed…and yeah, that’s just not right…lol.

  8. Awww, SP spoiled the fun! I like Dakota a lot more than Mayra. XD Oh well, she might make some good looking babies.. maybe. 🙂

    Brennan! Don’t die on us, Brennan! We love youuu!!! D:

    It’ll be devastating when the cats start dying too. :c

    Great update. 😀 ❤

  9. Yay, Brendan hasnt died yet! I want him to live just long enough for one of the second generation to die before their uncle/father/father-in-law. It would so bomb.

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